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Wedding Guest Book for 36 Guests Framed Print Digital Package


A completely new way of displaying and reliving your wedding day memories.

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A completely new way of displaying and reliving your wedding day memories. Most couples will have a guest book at their wedding, so that all of their friends and family members can leave them a little note, and wish them well for the future. The sad fact is that the majority of couples just put their book on a shelf, or in a box, and never look at it again. With a guestbook poster, you can display all of these amazing messages in a new and stunning way.

This guest book print has 36 spaces (other sizes available, see our other wedding products), each of which includes a sound wave of the message, the names of the people who left the message, and a QR code which allows you to use your mobile device to listen or watch the message anytime you like. Your audio and video files are stored on a secure system and are guaranteed to be accessible for at least 20 years, so you can enjoy your purchase for a long time to come.

Your finished guestbook will be available for you to download directly from your account. Just log in and go to My Account > Downloads. You will be able to download the file up to 2 times during for a period of 3 months from the date your order is completed.

The Digital Package

Once you have placed your order, you will be sent an email containing 36 unique codes which will allow your guests to record a message on any mobile device and send it to us. These codes also link their recording to your order, so we know who the message is for.

You will also receive 1 image and details upload code. This code will allow you to upload the image you would like us to use for the background of your guest book, along with the text you would like printed across the middle.

Once all of your recordings and your image details have been received, we will begin the process of creating your stunning piece and get it on its way to you.

If you would like a guest book for a smaller or larger number of guests than we currently offer please contact us, and we will be happy to help design the perfect print for your perfect day.

Digital Time Scale

From the day we receive the final message or your image, to the day you receive your guest book will be between 14 and 21 days. This is to ensure that you only receive the highest quality product possible and that there will be nothing to take away from your enjoyment once you open the package.


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